When you think of a garden that creates a wow impression, many of us think that look is achieved by using a variety of flowers in different colours and sizes. However, there is another way to get that effect, namely, using large-leafed plants.

While flowers are beautiful, these big, bold, bright and colourful leaves lend themselves to create what the gardening world would call a garden with wow factor. This trend towards gardens with large-leaved plants is huge this season and there are many options to choose from that are just as visually interesting and colourful as any flower.

If you are someone who likes to make a big and bold statement with your garden, below are some examples of bold-leafed plants that you could use to achieve the wow factor in your garden space:

Hostas: These have a most popular perennial on the market for years. They are hearty plants that come in several varieties, shades and sizes. If you want to add a bold-leafed hosta to your garden, try planting ‘Blue angel’. This variety boasts large, blue-green leaves that measure over one foot wide! ‘Earth angel’ is another variety to consider. It is lighter green in colour and also boasts leaves over one foot long.

Heuchera: Also a perennial, this plant has several varieties and offers foliage that defines the wow factor. The leaves are smaller, but what they lack in size they make up for in colour. For example, ‘Lime marmalade’ is one variety that boasts green neon leaves. Another variety, called ‘Black out’, has larger leaves in a striking jet black.

Elephant ear: This green plant looks exactly as it sounds: huge. The leaves are big and bold and mimic the look and size of elephant ears, hence the name. Because of their size, this plant is great in any garden as a focal point, or backdrop and is the perfect choice to create the wow factor in your garden.

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