We specialize in environmentally friendly design and installation. Our landscapes blend with the natural surroundings and we create solution for Muskoka’s challenging terrains. Waterfront projects, flagstone patios, granite walkways, fire pits, granite stone stairways, retaining walls and water features can be provided to benefit your cottage landscape.

Granite stone stairs: With each installation, we will ensure proper drainage. Stair treads will be evenly space along with the correct and constant height. Implementing constant height throughout your staircase will reduce the chance of stumbling and tripping. We also recommend landings in between flights of stairs, to help with steep inclines we find in the Muskoka region. This can be achieved with granite flagstone or mulch. The added touch of plants beside your new steps will help blend the stairs into your new cottage landscape.

Walkways and Paths: With no mortar to crack or lift up, dry-laid flagstone pathways are an owner’s favourite maintenance- free way to get around the cottage; from a small little path through the center of a garden or lawn, right up to a large main entrance walkway. The space in between the flagstone can be filled with lawn, thyme or even moss in shady places. Stepping stones can also be a cost effective way to get around your cottage or lakefront.

Patios: Our dry – laid patios are constructed with oversized flagstone ranging from 3 – 4 inches thick. Overall size depends on clients’ preference and budget. Our finishing touches of moss or thyme will enhance the beauty of the patio. This maintenance- free patio is an excellent investment in your outdoor cottage living space for generations to come.

Walls: Weathered boulder or quarried stone walls are a great way to create garden pockets, eliminate erosion problems, expand outdoor living areas, and increase parking area. Our walls will help maximize the practical use of your cottage property, while ensuring the protection of mature trees, and enhancing the natural beauty of your landscape.

We guarantee our installations.

We are certain you will be thrilled with your new landscape!