Ferns grow in abundance in Ontario and there are many different species, varieties and variations in form, colour and height. So, if you want a hearty and beautiful plant in your garden there are many benefits to adding ferns.

Besides its beauty, ferns are great in creating distinct garden designs, they bloom in spring and remain all year-round and besides the need to trim off shabby looking leaves, they are relatively low maintenance. However, make sure when you are purchasing your ferns from a garden centre, to ask the experts what conditions are best for the particular species you are planning to plant.

While they are fairly resilient, some need more shade and water depending on the variety. It’s also a great idea to consider ferns that are natural to the area you live. There are several varieties that grow in Ontario, so you will have no shortage of ferns to choose from.

Ferns can look great as stand-alone plants in large pots or can be successfully inter-planted with other perennials in your garden. And they are easy to plant; simply slip them out of the pot and plant them at the same level without disturbing the root mass.

If you want your newly-planted ferns to become well-established, be sure to keep the soil evenly moist throughout garden season. Once they have been in for a year or so they are considered established, much more adaptable and will do well with naturally available water. In times of drought, ferns will go dormant early to protect themselves, but will come back next season.

Make sure you remove any weeds around your ferns for the first season. Once they are established, their huge foliage will successfully shade out any other weeds or plants. There are several varieties of ferns that would be a great addition to your outdoor garden. If you want to learn more about this beautiful greenery, contact Natural Images Garden & Landscaping in Muskoka. Call Dan or Debbie today at 705-646-0610 or visit them at www.naturalimagesmuskoka.com.