When we think of decorating our garden or landscaping our outdoor space, we think along the lines of flowers, greenery, shrubs and even stone work.

But there is another option that is often overlooked and can prove to be a great addition to any outdoor garden space – moss.

Moss is durable, low maintenance, and adds a unique look to any rock garden or pond area. It can even replace a shady area where you find it difficult to maintain a lush lawn. Because it has no true roots and derives its nutrients from the air, it can be grown in several different areas.

However, there are some things to consider. This includes whether there is adequate moisture, shade, humidity and soil pH. The most difficult to control would be the humidity, but if the other three conditions are agreeable then there is a high chance of success for the moss.

As mentioned, moss is low maintenance and this means there are many benefits to growing it. There would be no more mowing the lawn, fertilizing or using pesticides and it eliminates the intense labour in de-thatching the lawn because once the moss is established there will be little to no weeding or watering.

Because moss can tolerate extreme temperatures and moisture levels, during periods of severe coldness, moss, unlike grass, remains a dark green colour. And if there is excessive heat or lack of rainfall it will have no permanent effect on the moss. It will simply go dormant but will restore itself quickly with the next rainfall.

There are a few tips to keeping your moss in optimal, lush condition: Leaves and debris must be kept away from accumulating on the moss and no heavy foot traffic! Light foot traffic is fine, but running children and high-heeled shoes should be kept away from your moss bed.

There are several varieties of moss that would look great in your garden. If you want to learn more about this beautiful and resilient plant, contact Natural Images Landscaping Ltd. in Muskoka at 705-646-0610 or visit www.naturalimagesmuskoka.com.